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Dell’s 8K Monitor vs Apple’s 8K iMac (7,680 by 4,320 resolution)

8k monitor - 8k resolution

Looking for a new 8k monitor? The race is on as Dell’s 8K monitor might make it to stores before the 8K iMac can be seen. Apple’s 8K monitor looks like it is going to be produced by LG with new backlighting leds to reduce the amount of power the hungry iDisplay needs. Let’s hope Dell can do the same.

Both will be using the DisplayPort 1.3 connection to make full use of the bandwidth.

DisplayPort 1.3 Wiring Table

External connector (source-side) on PCB
Pin 1 ML_Lane 0 (p) Lane 0 (positive)
Pin 2 GND Ground
Pin 3 ML_Lane 0 (n) Lane 0 (negative)
Pin 4 ML_Lane 1 (p) Lane 1 (positive)
Pin 5 GND Ground
Pin 6 ML_Lane 1 (n) Lane 1 (negative)
Pin 7 ML_Lane 2 (p) Lane 2 (positive)
Pin 8 GND Ground
Pin 9 ML_Lane 2 (n) Lane 2 (negative)
Pin 10 ML_Lane 3 (p) Lane 3 (positive)
Pin 11 GND Ground
Pin 12 ML_Lane 3 (n) Lane 3 (negative)
Pin 13 CONFIG1 connected to Ground1)
Pin 14 CONFIG2 connected to Ground1)
Pin 15 AUX CH (p) Auxiliary Channel (positive)
Pin 16 GND Ground
Pin 17 AUX CH (n) Auxiliary Channel (negative)
Pin 18 Hot Plug Hot Plug Detect
Pin 19 Return Return for Power
Pin 20 DP_PWR Power for connector (3.3 V 500 mA)
# Pins 13 and 14 may either be directly connected to ground or connected to ground through a pulldown device.

  1. This is the pinout for source-side connector, the sink-side connector pinout will have lanes 0–3 reversed in order; i.e., lane 3 will be on pin 1(n) and 3(p) while lane 0 will be on pin 10(n) and 12(p).

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