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Adobe gets around the 64-bit TWAIN scanner problem by leaving the 32-bit version of Photoshop on the installation DVD

scanner_faceAdobe released a 64 and 32 bit version of Photoshop CS6 but forgot to mention it wouldn’t work with most scanners out of the box. By leaving in the 32-bit version of Photoshop on the installation DVDs, Adobe said to many users that they would have to use the 32-bit version for now instead, as many scanner makers can’t update their drivers… The main problem with this wasn’t that the scanner didn’t work any more it was that this information wasn’t written up anywhere which really annoyed a lot of users again. The TWAIN driver that used to be pre-installed can only be loaded into the 32-bit version and you will have to load it from the DVDs you were given for now.

I wonder if Adobe with ever bring back those useful thumbnail previews that had on the standard Windows desktop instead of their blue icons.

The Pentax K3: A Users Notes (Review)

The Pentax K3The Pentax K3 With Battery Grip d-bg5 Review

  • The Pentax K3 (SLR) from Ricoh includes focus peaking and it works really well. It would just be nice if there were extra settings for it. Being able to set how long it stays on would be wonderful. I would like it to show up when I’m focusing then go away but it stays on all the time. Also the menu doesn’t save the position for this setting for some reason, so you have to open up that extra menu every time. Maybe that’s a programming mistake.
  • The image quality is quite good.
  • Colors can a bit tricky to get exactly right but when you do get them right… Wow ^^
  • The grip is a little bit bigger than the K5II and K5IIs making it easier to hold, but that also means they had to make a new battery grip.
  • The text quality on the LCD screen is a little clearer than on the K5II and K5IIs, which is nice.
  • The pentaprism is a little brighter which makes taking shots with the ME-60 clear focusing screen a dream ^^
  • You can’t turn off the brightness compensation indicator which gets in the way on the live view screen at times. This is really annoying. Also for some reason you can’t turn off the 4 white points which show where the screen is broken up into thirds.



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