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CEO: Glen Charles Rowell
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札幌 写真撮影
札幌 工業デザイン
Photographic Models Wanted
Would You Like to Do Modeling?

Would you like your
photograph taken for free?
Models of all ages, sizes & looks 
wanted for location work
throughout Sapporo.

If you are interested,
please contact 
Glen for more details.
Rules apply*

札幌 撮影・Photography

Design, Research, Consulting & Education
An Improvement Company

ORE ...

Time, Energy And Money

We want to improve the quality of people’s lives, also the interactions of companies around us.

We try to make products better and more efficient.

Sapporo Design Collective A4JP.COM
Expand Your Social Circle

A4JP (A4 Jae Pi) creates opportunities, offers sales support,
and does 3DCG design, for new or existing businesses.

We try to network and connecting people where possible.

A4JP is a team based in Sapporo, Hokkaido that started with just one
Industrial Designer named Glen Charles Rowell.
But, now the team consists of international members from Japan,
Australia, England, France, Russia, Germany, America, Canada, and China.

We mainly engage in multilingual web design,
photography, 3D CGI, global internet marketing,
and offer websites that expand your business to
domestic and/or foreign markets
according to client’s needs.

In addition, we do Japanese to English translation, and 3D CGI for the tourism market.

About A4JP is a design and education group based near Sapporo Station.
We collaborate with various experienced designers, online or in Japan, that work from their homes or in small to medium-sized companies, as a result, offer flexibility that other companies can’t offer.
It is easy to send information online these days as well.

Also, since our group can work online we do not have to visit as many customers’ offices or homes as other companies
so we can reduce travel time and also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by doing this. This also encourages global warming prevention.

Design Service Introduction
Business Content

Our idea is simple — create a good experience, educate people with useful information, and improve the lives of everyone.

We do any type of design work for your company, product design, websites, logo marks, business card design, etc., and also personal job requests like photo correction, New Year’s cards, etc.

Product and website marketing research, schematic drawings, illustrations, architectural models, photography, consultations, analysis and improvement of services, etc.

Environmentally friendly materials are used when possible and the amount of waste generated is kept as low as possible.

Our philosophy/aim is to create a good experience for people, provide useful information, and enrich the lives of everyone around us.

Community System

If you would like to be part of a design community,
or are interested in designers in Sapporo,
please contact us.

A4JP is made up of programmers, color coordinators,
product designers, interior designers, fashion designers,
architects, photographers, writers, and translators.


The motivation behind A4JP stemmed from a love of collecting and organizing information, doing development work, also designing and redesigning products.

A4JP is here to let people enjoy the designs we create, as much as we enjoy putting them together.

We aim for products and solutions that not only satisfy our customers but also are better than other options available overall.

Help others and give useful advice.

Have fun by solving problems.

Through talk, create designs that
meet the needs of clients and
make us feel proud of the work we are doing.

Pursue excellence in visionary planning
and creative design.

Constantly look for and keep up to date with
the latest trends and information.

Offer high-quality services.

Improve the environment, by refusing,
reducing, reusing and recycling.

Make smart investments to live comfortably
and help more people locally if possible.

A4JP, Sapporo

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