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Website Design, Sapporo

Web Design - Austin Bridal House Sapporo

Website Planning and Creation, Web Solutions, Mobile Website Design, BLOG Design, CMS (Content Management Systems), Converting or Updating Flash Websites, Online Games, Programming, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SNS/Website Content Writing…

All money paid is for design/programming time unless otherwise stated by A4JP in writing.

All designs/work belongs to Glen Charles Rowell (A4JP) until fully paid for. There is a basic written contract for website design, just stating what each party would like done. The work will be done in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan if possible. A recorded verbal contract can be used instead of a written contract.

Original Websites or Template Style Sites to Choose From

Make website from templates quickly. Choose a name for your site, send us or give us the text and/or images and we can do the rest. Build websites that work on multiple devices: PCs, smart phone, tablets, etc… Responsive sites or individual templates for each device.

Step 1

Please read the FAQ page before you order a website.

Step 2

Choose where the website will be hosted.

Type A:

On your server

Pros: Depending on the situation, it is easier to edit and manage files (more control over updates, backups and editing).
* A new system needs to be made so it takes more time and costs more money.

Type B:

On our server

Pros: Cheaper
* The content and design templates can be edited but not the system.


Simple Websites (On Our Server)

Type B

Budget Websites + Management/Support

Simple Design + Management
1 to 3 pages
 From 15,000 yen + tax / per year
Approximately 5 hours work

Simple Design + Management
1 to 6 pages
・ From 
24,000 yen + tax / per year
Approximately 8 hours work

1 to 15 pages
・ From 
69,980 yen + tax / per year
User registration, BLOG, Comment SPAM Filtering, simple custom design, photo editing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), LPO (Landing Page Optimization), CRO, etc., (with *domain) + Management


Standard Website Design Course

Type A or B

* Although we have a large collection of stock photos/images that can be used for free, original illustrations or photography may cost extra.

A Set
・From 50,000 yen + tax

B Set
 ・From 80,000 yen + tax

BLOG, Comment SPAM filtering, custom designs, photo editing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), LPO (Landing Page Optimization), CRO, etc.

EX. 1 page to 8 pages
100,000 + tax  → From 80,000 yen + tax
Extra pages 7,000 yen each + tax
Updates from 2,500 yen
Simple illustrations and simple photo editing is free

* Separate rules apply for domains. Please contact us for more details.


Full Website Course

Type A or B

Prices vary due to photography and illustration fees

C Set
80 hours worth of work by 1 designer
From 200,000 yen + tax

D Set
120 hours worth of work by 1 designer
From 300,000 yen + tax

E Set
200 hours worth of work by 1 designer

From 500,000 yen + tax

PC, iPad, Smart Phone Sites (iPhone, Android, etc.), Mobile Sites
Member Registration Forms, BLOGs, Comment SPAM Filtering, Custom Designs, Photography Services, Photo/Image Editing, SEO, LPO, CRO, Online Shopping Systems (separate processing and bank fees may apply) etc.

E.g.)1 page to 15 pages 350,000 yen (excluding tax) → from 300,000 yen + tax
1 extra page: from 7,000 yen + tax
Page updates from 2,500 yen + tax

Single Items

 ・ Front Page Concepts from 3,000 yen + tax

 ・ CMS Shopping site from 150,000 yen + tax

What is the point of the website on the Internet?

If you are not sure, there’s a good chance you’re wasting your best online asset. And even if you can answer the question, if you’re off the mark you’ll wind up with the same result — an underperforming or even counterproductive site. Don’t let that happen to you!

Nowadays a website is not just for announcing information, it exists as a means to express corporate values.

When you start a business a website should be a necessity.

Your Online Business Card is Your Website

By using a website as an online business card, it gives you more opportunities to find work.

A4jp creates a simple websites at low prices.

The Process

① Choose the type of Website (Type A: On our server, or Type B: On your own server). 

② Contact A4JP for the initial meeting, it will be held either in our office or oven the internet online.

③ We start preparing to make the requested website.

Please prepare the content for the site (text, images, video, etc.) also:

  1. Any images of websites you like from the internet.
  2. Sketches or images of the type of layout you would like.
  3. And/or tell us what type of website you would like.

* If you do not have any images, we have a collection you can choose from. Some of these images are covered by copyright though so they may only be used in certain ways depending on the image chosen.

④ 50% of the money must be paid for work to begin.

* 100% of the fee can be paid at the start if the fee is low or it works out easier.

⑤ The initial designs are checked and adjusted as needed.

⑥ The final 50% is paid.

⑦ Upload the site and start marketing it.

The 6 Most Common Layouts for Websites

The homepage layout patterns below are the most commonly used around the world. If you use a layout other than these patterns, website users may feel confused, or find a website difficult to use, and move to another site. 

The 6 standard website design layouts

At times it might be attractive to try different layouts, but most people like using standard sites as they can find what they want quickly. No one likes having to search around trying to find what they want wasting time.

Internet Contents

Websites are not just for announcing information, they exists as a means to express corporate values.

Not only the content but also the quality of design and usability are questioned, and it is a major pillar of brand strategy.

We develop content for PC sites with various functions, and popular mobile sites, using a dynamic approach that enhances corporate brand power.

Low Cost Websites

We can create a simple website at a low cost that just shows the information you need online.


Many browsers do not support all types of web pages but HTML5 and CSS3 help to develop web pages that are compatible even with previous versions of your browsers.

One of the nice points of CSS3 is the fact that it is compatible with older versions of the language. We do not have to edit old code which saves a lot of time.

Website Design - Sapporo

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