Sapporo Design Company
Room 506, Asahi Plaza Kairakuen, North 6 West 6, 2-1, North Ward, Sapporo
Hours: 7:00-24:00 TEL/FAX +81-11-768-8116
CEO: Glen Charles Rowell
ただいま24人がオンライン中:ゲスト11人, 12 検索ボート, メンバー1人


Access Map

Room 506, Asahi Plaza Kairakuen, 2-1,
North 6 West 6, North Ward, Sapporo-shi,
Hokkaido, JAPAN 060-0806

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From Sapporo Station

Subway Line:Nanboku Line (Green) or the Toho Line (Blue)

Paseo West

Walk through the Paseo West walkway,
between the JR Sapporo West Green Ticket office
and Poppo Manjyuu snack shop.

Sapporo Drug Store

Keep walking past Starbucks and the Sapporo Drug Store
but follow the walkway to the left towards the exit doors.

Paseo West - West Exit

Walk down this path and out the exit doors.


Cross this road.


Go through the doors
and walk down the long corridor.


Keep walking through this corridor.


Cross this road and walk through the red doors into the next corridor.

* Sunkus has been replaced with a FamilyMart store.

When you see this second FamilyMart,
do not cross the road but
turn to the right and keep walking straight.
You are almost there.

* FamilyMart used to be Shichifukujinshouten.


Go to room 506, of the Asahi Plaza Kairakuen building.
The pink beige building with reddish brown 1st floor.

Map of A4JP with GPS Data

43 4’04.8″N 141 20’44.20″E
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title Address

Room 506, Asahi Plaza Kairakuen, North 6 West 6, 2-1, North Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, 064-0806
TEL 011-768-8116  FAX 011-768-8116

title 行き方

Subway Train:Toho Line (Blue)
「Subway Station」

Subway Train:Nanboku Line (Green)
「Sapporo Station」 

title GPS

43° 4′ 4″ N 141° 20′ 46″ E

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