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SNS (Social Network Services)

SNS sites we work on: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Clubhouse, etc.

What is Cross Media Marketing?

Cross Media Marketing is an effective approach to marketing with an aim to produce synergic action by bonding multiple methods of marketing: media, not only TV commercials, magazine ads, and internet websites but also printed materials, direct mail marketing, etc.

In Cross Media Marketing, for example, you would not only launch a website, but also widely announces it with printed material, perform direct mail marketing, check read receipts of outbound messages, and so on.

Working With Us

A4JP offers a large variety of proposals depending on your budget, taking into account factors that may change daily. By bringing these factors that vary into view, we focus on what is needed at present and in the near future too.

One of our first steps in a cross media marketing project is to evaluate and examine the customer’s (end user’s) preferences:

Scheduling: When to contact the end user
Rate: The time to leave between delivery of the first, second and third messages to the end user
Pacing: How frequently to check up on the end user
Incidence: If an end user is not responding, how long to continue pursuing the offers

An Example

Cross Media Marketing - SNS

Advertisements, TV commercials, the internet, movie advertisements, e-mail newsletters…

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