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CEO: Glen Charles Rowell
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Copyright, Ownership, Usage…

Work, designs and/or goods supplied cannot be used freely without consultation or consent.

All work, designs and/or goods supplied, remain the property of Glen Charles Rowell until full payment has been received from the Client and ownership has been previously negotiated and agreed on.

The ownership of any work, designs and/or goods supplied shall also be retained by Glen Charles Rowell until full payment has been received from the Client and ownership has been previously negotiated and agreed on.

Base Design Fees

Starting at 1,000 yen + tax

60 yen/minute + materials + tax

Late Fees for Non-Payment: +10%

If payment is not received within 30 days, a late payment fee of 10% will be applied.
110% after the 1st 30 days → 110% + 10% after the second month…

Translation Fees:

Fees vary on the difficulty of the translation work.

Translations from 2,000 yen + tax.

Rough translations fees are about 10 to 20 yen per word + tax.

Eg. An A4 sized contract might cost about 5,000 yen + tax.

How many words fit on an A4 sheet?

An A4 sheet has an average of 350 to 400 words, so if each word contains about 5 to 6 characters there would be about 1750 to 2400 characters.
The average English sentence contains 11 words, and one A4 sheet contains an average of 32 to 35 sentences. When comparing Japanese to English, English words have spaces and Japanese characters are usually double the size of English characters. If you write in Japanese, you will fit about 1200 characters on a page, but more if you squash the characters together. would fit on the A4 paper. However, this does apply to a relatively full A4 sheet with a standard layout and filled with 80 to 90% of text.

3D Design: 3D CGI, Plans, CAD Fees

Minimum Fee 2,000 Yen

Standard Design Fee: 60 Yen Per Minute + Tax

3D Modeling +
3D Rendering +
1 Textured/Colored Image
From 20,000 Yen + Tax

3D Modeling +
3D Rendering +
3 Textured/Colored Images
From 30,000 Yen + Tax

3D Design
From 10,000 Yen + Tax

3D Modeling +
4 Textured/Colored Rendered Images
From 40,000 Yen + Tax

Tags: 3D Modelling, 3D Design, 3D CG, 2D CG, architectural plans, elevations, site plans, exterior wall color pattern testing, architectural concept plans, photography, exterior building renderings

3D CGI Movies

From 30,000 Yen (Design Rate: 60 Yen Per Minute + Tax)

Tags: 3D movies, 3DCGI videos, animation


From 1,300 Yen (Design Rate: 60 Yen Per Minute + Tax )

モデルさん、タレントさん、ミュージシャンなどのプロフィール用宣材写真や、社長様ポートレート、著作者紹介用、選挙ポスター等ご用途に応じてお客様の魅力を最大限引き出した写真をご提供致します。 モニタでご自身にチェックしていただきながら撮影し、フォトグラファーがポーズ指導も行いますので、初めての方でも安心です。 FaceBook、Twitter等のプロフィール写真にもどうぞ。


Custom Backgrounds (Color or Image)
Head and shoulder shots from 1,080 yen.
Full body shots from 4,725 yen. 全身 在庫色はお問い合わせ下さい。

Skin Retouching
1,080 yen per image

Spot Touch Ups
From 500 yen + tax per image





Photo editing

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