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Handmade Models / 3D Printed Models

We make models in many types of materials: metal, plastic, PLA, foamcore, timber, etc.

  • We make many types of architectural models: homes, apartments, community centers, factories, etc.
  • From basic study models to complete models.
  • Used for presentations and/or sales tools.

Architectural Scale Models


Initial Project Setup fee 10,000 yen + tax

Exterior Architectural Model (1/50)
From 15,000 yen + tax
(White foamcore – 6 parts: 1 base, 4 walls, & 1 roof)

Models You Can Open (1/50)
From 25,000 yen + tax


Example Project:

Initial project setup fee 10,000 yen + tax
(Initial meetings/work related expenses – roughly 3 hours work)

Digital modeling for the scale model, etc. 10,000 yen + tax
(Roughly 3 hours work)

Coloring/texturing print files 5,000 yen + tax
(Roughly 1.5 hours work)

Printing and material fees 5,000 yen + tax
(Roughly 1.5 hours work)

1 base, 4 walls, 1 roof, 1 solar panel, 15 windows, 1 entryway and a 4 part porch area.
33,750 yen + tax
(Roughly 11.25 hours work)

Roughly 21 hours & 45 minutes work
63,750 yen + 5,100 yen tax = 68,850 yen


* Prices vary depending on size and complexity of the model.

Option: Furniture and detailing is also possible.

3D Printing

If you have 3D CAD files, models, etc. we can print simple models for you on our in-house 3D printer.
We will create products, do planning, 3D design, modeling, and concept design for you.
You can create and upload data from Adobe Illustrator if you do not have 3D CAD software.
If you can not create models or files, we prepare the data for you at a separate price.

Residential model

Materials used:
Styrene board (body)
Acrylic (windows)

Client: Architectural design office

模型作成・建築模型・住宅模型 ペーパーフォームボード 後 / 右

Architectural model / housing model
Back / Right
Paper form board

模型作成・建築模型・住宅模型 ペーパーフォームボード 前

Architectural model / housing model
Paper form board

模型作成・建築模型・住宅模型 ペーパーフォームボード 後 / 左

Architectural model / housing model
Back / Left
Paper form board

模型作成・建築模型 熱サイホン効果デザイン ペーパーフォームボード

Architectural model
Thermosiphon design
Paper form board

模型作成・建築模型 詳細な紙モデル メタリック紙

Paper Model
Architectural model
Detailed paper model
Metallic Paper

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