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Restaurant Menu Design (English/Japanese)

Updates & Translation

Why are English menus important? What is most troubling when you go abroad? Not knowing what to eat when going to a restaurant or cafe. Customers who visit Japan from overseas through A4JP say they feel the same thing. Japanese food culture is loved all over the world, while many customers visit for dining, why not put an English menu in your store as a heartwarming hospitality campaign?

English/Japanese Cafe/Restaurant Menu Design & Translation

Some Clients We Have Worked With:

Naniwatei ( Azuma Genghis Khan (Meat Dealer and Supplier) ( Doigt Restaurant, APR Inc. ( Mangiare Italian Restaurant, APR Inc. ( McDonald’s Japan ( Mister Donut ( Okushiba Shoten Ekimae Soseiji Soup Curry Organic Cafe Lupinus ( Sapporo Beer Garden ( Soba Dokoro Kamogawa
  そば処鴨川 | Soba Dokoro Kamogawa

Soba Dokoro Kamogawa

  Soba Dokoro Kamogawa is located along Ekimae Street, South 8 West 3, Chuo-ku, Sapporo. Robata Oosuke Produce did the remodeling of the shop. The tables and counter were replaced and the new restaurant is a lot brighter inside. Yet it has a warm relaxing atmosphere. The menu is reasonably priced and there are many soba or udon noodle sets you can choose from.

Japanese Restaurant Menu Design

Restaurant Menu (Japanese Version/English Version)

The images below are design samples.

Restaurant Menu Design

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