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Business Cards

Original Card Design

Are you happy with your current business cards?

When designed right, these pocket-sized advertisements
can leave a lasting impression and create
life-long customers from anyone you meet.

Let’s make you some original business cards.

55mm x 91mm
Printed Cards or Print-ready Files.

Initial design fee: from 1,000 yen + tax
(roughly 20 minutes work)

30 cards from 1,000 yen + tax

100 cards from 2,500 yen + tax

The same design with another person’s name: + 500 yen + tax

(1 person, company or group with any of the same contact details)

*Printing fees are to be paid before printing starts.
Design samples can be sent online,
if at least 50% of the total payment has been made. 
Paper samples can be checked at our office.

Designing a double sided bespoke card usually takes around 2 to 2 and a half hours (6,000 to 7,500 yen  tax).
 In this time, we set the colors of files and assets for the printing process selected, do design work in Illustrator, and edit/mask photos in Photoshop if needed.

Company business cards or personal business cards are a so-called face which can express the personality of a person.

Every single business card should be a means of expressing impact with a method.

There are also ways to make it comfortably, but it is also possible to give a strong impression to the opponent or to express mind with this one piece by design etc.

I believe it is good, when cards work as a bridge between you and your customers.

Business Card Order Form

* Note: For those ordering business card design work,
the order form below requires a telephone number.
This number does not have to be used on the actual business card though.

Number of Cards*

Orientation : Portrait ▯Landscape ▭Haven't Decided

Double or Single-sided: Double-sided ▮▮Single-sided ▮▯Haven't Decided

Front: Full ColorBlack & White1 Color2 ColorsHaven't Decided

Back: Full ColorBlack & White1 Color2 ColorsHaven't Decided


Name in Katakana or Other

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Message / Other Notes

*Depending on the job, we may need to telephone you.

When We Can Call You

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Get professionally printed cards easier

We recommend the best type of printing for your card design,
and can explain the differences between each type of printing process.
Including the pros and cons involved.

The 3 main types of printing

Below are a few samples for reference,
and a short explanation about the 3 types of printing we usually use.

On Demand Printing is used for most jobs, as it is high quality but cheaper than offset or laser printing.

With this printing process, you might not be able to get solid blocks of color (100% fills) but most people won’t notice the tiny dots as they are usually only about 0.05mm to 0.08mm in size. Below are a few pictures showing red text (22pt with a weight of 684) made with 100% magenta and 100% yellow. The line thickness of this font is about 1.3mm.

The gray line on the far right (image 4a) is 65% black and 0.75 pixels (0.265mm) wide.

The dots that make up lines in on demand printing are usually straight and you can get nice gradients or shades of gray.

Offset Printing is great for designs with photos, especially faces. The dots that make up the image are close but usually on a slight angle.

The dots that make up lines are slightly diagonal so it is a little harder to get super clean gray lines.

Laser Printing is great for printing out cards when you are in a rush or if you need something straight away. Toner is slightly expensive so this is best for simple text based designs, not full color cards.

Paper selection

Most cards are made using 220 g/m2 (0.27mm) white matt coat card stock.
But thinner cards can also be made (180 g/m2), if you want to squeeze more cards into a card case.

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