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Business Cards

Your Original Card Design

Are you happy with your current business card?

The layout of the design is decided for each company,

but in order to demonstrate individuality and impact,

let’s make your original business cards.

Size: 55mm x 91mm

Initial design fee: from 1,000 yen + tax (roughly 20 minutes work)

30 cards from 1,000 yen + tax

100 cards from 2,500 yen + tax

The same design with another person’s name: + 500 yen + tax

(1 person, company or group with any of the same contact details)

Company business cards or personal business cards are a so-called face which can express the personality of a person.

Every single business card should be a means of expressing impact with a method.

There are also ways to make it comfortably, but it is also possible to give a strong impression to the opponent or to express mind with this one piece by design etc.

I believe it is good if it can work like a bridge between customers.

* For those who request business card designs, the order form below requires a telephone number. This number does not have to be used on your actual business card though.

Business Card Order Form

Number of Cards*

Orientation : PortraitLandscapeHaven't Decided

Double or Single-sided: Double-sidedSingle-sidedHaven't Decided

Front: Black & White1 Color2 ColorsFull ColorHaven't Decided

Back: Black & White1 Color2 ColorsFull ColorHaven't Decided


Name in Katakana or Other

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Company Name

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