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3D Design

A4JP logo design in 3D. A white letter A on a red background. glen_charles_rowell - room
An interior rendering of House @ TK

Comparisons of 3D Stores, Buildings, Housing, Etc. After Completion

House @ KB

Sapporo City

[Newspaper] Hokkaido Residential Newspaper
February 25th, 2011

[Magazine] Hokkaido Housing Magazine
Replan Hokkaido vol. 92

A rendering of the house: House @ MT - Glen

3D CG Concept

A photograph of the newly constructed house in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

The House after Completion
(Aura Architectural Office)

House @ MT

Project in Sapporo Tonden
(Sapporo City, Hokkaido)

3DCGI Rendering of house in Tonden, Sapporo

Photograph + 3D Image of House
Sapporo Tonden, Sapporo City, Hokkaido

Photograph of house after completion in Tonden, Sapporo

The House after Completion
(Aura Architectural Office)


Marui Imai Sapporo
South 1 West 2, Central Ward, Sapporo

View Dolce Vita Website

View Marui Imai Website

3DCGI Dolce Vita - Department Store's Basement Food Department

Dolce Vita
Marui Imai Department Store in Sapporo
Basement Food Department
3DCGI Visualization

The Finished Marui Imai Sapporo Shop - Photograph after Completion

Dolce Vita
The Finished Marui Imai Sapporo Shop
Photograph after Completion
(Aura Architectural Office)

Photo of the site before building a house
3D Architectural CG Visualization

Architectural CG & Product Design

Handmade Models

Would you like a handmade model of the building you are planning to make? If you would, here is a link to our handmade models page with sample of models we have previously made.

See your Architectural Project ‘come to life’ even before physical construction begins!

All the renders on this page were made by us and we produce images according to your needs. See your ideas come to life in 3D. Our clients include a wide range of people, including architects, interior designers, developers, artists and families wanting to renovate or build new homes in general. It is possible to make images to fit almost any budget.

Architectural 3DCGI: We make images for you. A Japanese living room.

3D Interiors & Exteriors

Want a pre-renovation image of your building, office, shop or home? Let our professional designers produce beautiful, low cost 3D images for you.  

3D Interiors & Exteriors

Click on the images below to view larger images.
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Introduction of 3DCG Walkthrough Movies

物件の魅力を伝える具体的な完成予想図が欲しい、わかりやすいイメージ図が欲しいと思ったことはありませんか? 仕様書や図面がいかに充実していても、数字や文字、平面図だけでは、物件の視覚的なイメージはわきにくいものです。せっかくの優れたデザインも、イメージ通りに伝わらなければその魅力は半減してしまいます。 そんなとき役立つのが建築CGパースです。デザイナーの意図やイメージを、CG技術を使って立体的に視覚化するこの建築CGパースがあれば、より具体的に、よりわかりやすくクライアントにイメージを伝えることができます。今やその重要性は図面や仕様書と並ぶものであり、完成度によってはマンションや戸建住宅の売れ行きを左右することもあるほど、欠くことのできない存在となっています。建築CGパースによって事前にイメージを具体化し検討することで、より効率的な設備投資を行うことも可能です。弊社では、人々の感性に訴えかけ物件の魅力を最大限に引き出すパース作りを、お客様と共に目指していきたいと考えております。 A4JPのパース作りは全国対応。どこよりも低価格で高品質な作品を提供いたします。土日祝日も問いません。お急ぎの方もぜひ、弊社にご相談ください。

3DCGI Animations / Walk-throughs

3D image of living room in Hokkaido
3DCGI of house in Hokkaido
3DCGI of Dolce-Vita shop in Sapporo
3DCGI Higuchi - Suzuran Kitchen - 80th Anniversary Model - TERRA
3DCGI System Kitchen
3DCGI - 3D Logo - Grass & Earth
3DCGI - 3D Logo - Grass & Earth
Architectural Design

Before: A Photograph of the Site

3D house rendering on photograph

Visualization: The Photograph+CG Image of the House

3DCGI Living Room Visualization
3DCGI House & Entrance Concept
Photograph of the Original Shop 板前料理 ことに大和家

Before: A Photograph of the Original Shop

Photograph + 3D Rendering 板前料理 ことに大和家

Visualization: The Photograph+New Rendered Design

Animation, 3D Creation, Production

3DCGI Animation

Create 360 degree or path based 3DCGI animations of building interiors and exteriors.

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