Internet Browser Line Zoom Bug

Seeing faint lines on website when you zoom in? Subpixel rendering bug? Is your phone, tablet, PC or software buggy? Test your internet browser here. Zoom in on these boxes below. If your phone doesn't have faint lines behind the divs when zooming congratulations your device is bug free.

Code for the first div:

<div style="background-color:#333;padding:10px; width:150px; margin:0 0 5px">
<div style="float:left;background-color:#FFF;padding:10px">1.1</div>
<div style="float:left;background-color:#FFF;padding:10px">2.2</div>
<div style="clear:both"></div>

zoom in
to clear
line →
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line →

2020 iPhone 11 Pro, iPad 12.9 inch 3rd gen, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus...

2020-01-30th iOS 13.3.1 iPhone 11 Pro
2019-09-20th iPad OS 13.1 beta 4 3rd gen iPad Pro
2019-09-05th iPad OS 13.1 beta 2 3rd gen iPad Pro
2019-09-04th iPad OS 13.1 beta 1 3rd gen iPad Pro
2018-11-15th iOS 12.1iPhone Max
2018-06-27th iOS 11.4 (15F79)
2018-02-22nd iOS 11.2.6 (15D100)
2018-01-01st iOS 11.2.1 (15C153) iPhone 7 plus test
2017-12-25th iPhone 8 plus and X in Yodobashi
2017-01-01st iOS 10.2
2016-10-26th iOS 10.1
2016-09-20th iOS 10.0.1 (14A403)
2015-09-24th iOS 9.0 (13A344)
2015-09-10th: This bug is on iOS 9 and the new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. I was told buying a new phone is the best option to fix the problem.
2015-02-26th: info.html given to Apple for checking

Apple Support 2018-11-15th to find out about problem and get iPhone XS Max fixed 3:22 pm to 7:05 pm

Applecare Case Number:
774645784 (2015-04-07th, 23rd, 28th, 2015-06-18th)

First Applecare Case Number:

iPhone7とiPhone 7 PlusとiPadsとNew Macbooksの線問題
①ブラウザを開いて。 または★マークのページのほかのサイトを開いてください。
②100% ズームインすると変な線がなくなるです。

Line border bug on iPhone7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPads and New Macbooks.
1. Open the page (or other pages listed on the page with the star ★ below) in Safari or other browsers on an iPhone/iPad etc.
2. Pinch zoom to 100% to see the lines disappear. When you are slightly zoomed out you will see fine lines.

iPad: Safari, Mercury, Chrome, Opera, iLunascape, Doliphin Browser, Apollo Browser, and Webcapture all have the same problem.

Click here for the gallery of images related to this bug and websites to check

Here is a link to my Apple Support Communities post just after buying an iPad Air 2:

Video of the problem on an iPhone 6:

Video of the line bug on an iPad Air 2:


Screenshot of the problem:

If you need any other info or want to contact me send a message through my contact page.


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2012-01-06th, 7:13 pm

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Maybe this is the same problem from way back in 2010.